How A QuickBooks Consultant Can Add To The Bottom Line


Small business owners everywhere are often forced to wear many hats in an effort to keep their companies afloat and profitable. Most fledgling entrepreneurs find themselves performing the roles and duties associated with sales, marketing, accounting and other administrative and back office tasks simply because there’s no one else available to fill these roles.

While most of these duties can be adequately performed by one person, it is important to pay careful attention to a company’s bookkeeping practices to ensure that all processes and procedures are in line with government and tax expectations. Luckily, gone are the days of outdated paper ledgers and scattered piles of receipts and invoices. Modern business owners can embrace the latest technology available by utilizing software packages specifically created to manage a company’s finances.

When discussing small business accounting software, QuickBooks often immediately comes to mind. This well-known software application offers a broad spectrum of functionality which makes it a useful tool for any small business. QuickBooks provides a very intuitive user interface. This means that, with a little guidance and direction, virtually anyone can master the system. However, initially understanding the QuickBooks setup can truly seem a lofty goal. That’s why partnering with a QuickBooks consultant alleviates initial user frustration and even adds to a company’s bottom line.

Why Small Business Should Use A QuickBooks Consultant

Bookkeeping Matters, Inc., a Portland bookkeeping and QuickBooks consultant firm, understands how important it is to know what to look for when selecting a qualified QuickBooks Consultant. One-on-one coaching and mentoring should rank high on the priority list when making the final selection. Ensure that staff experts will be available to answer questions and address any problems or concerns that may arise during the process. Working with a consultant will help to quickly eliminate user issues and help put business owners on the path to successful financial management.

QuickBooks customization is also another critical component when seeking assistance with the program. The software is specifically designed to be modified to suit the needs of any business, regardless of industry, product or service provided. Working with a QuickBooks consultant will help streamline the bookkeeping efforts and help busy entrepreneurs only focus on the required fields, data entry and input required for their specific processes.

Teaming up with a seasoned and top-notch bookkeeping consulting firm can also add a final, more tangible benefit. Once business owners feel confident using QuickBooks to effectively balance their books, they will no longer have to spend tedious hours calculating totals. Properly utilizing the software will ultimately save business owners time. Thus, entrepreneurs can use this new found bandwidth to focus on core business operations and revenue generating activities which can directly impact a company’s bottom line and profitability margin.

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